Dave Dismisses Dooley, Smart should not be considered

Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Dave Hart issued a statement early Sunday Nov. 18 announcing that the University of Tennessee and head coach Derek Dooley were parting ways. (Image courtesy of TNJN/Veronesi, Robby)

As I stated yesterday, Derek Dooley needed to go.

Apparently, Dave Hart agreed.

Slightly after 11 a.m. this morning, Hart issued a statement announcing his decision to dismiss his coach following yesterday’s loss.

Hart says that he still believes this program is a proud program, one that many coaches would be proud to do their job at.

One thing that Hart said was critical is to have a head coach with head coaching experience and success. Hiring a coordinator or position coach to become the top guy in the Southeastern Conference is a risk, to do it in the SEC after six consecutive national titles is insane.

You never know if a coordinator will work out, and at this tumultuous time, Tennessee just can’t afford to try it.

Everyone’s top choice, and the guy that most Georgia Bulldog fans think will land in Athens upon coach Richt’s retirement, is Kirby Smart, if you were to go the coordinator route.

However, Nick Saban is the guy everyone says is a defensive guru and thus the question is raised, how much does Smart actually run the defense?

Coaches like to be in charge, especially coaches like Saban. The risk of finding out how good Smart really is without Saban just is not worth the risk in my opinion.

Hart says that the financial situation of the athletic department will be not be an issue based on assurances by chancellor Jimmy Cheek. No details were announced on this assurance, but if true, then the biggest concern of the Vol faithful has been eliminated, which was how much can the Vols even pay?

The December time frame that Hart says is critical for this hire is wise, but Hart needs to get this done sooner rather than later. The recruiting dead period begins mid December and with Tennessee not playing for a bowl, the Vols need the lime light to get into top high school and junior college players minds.

Keep your eyes and ears focused on the National College Football Hall of Fame Award’s Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on Dec. 7. The who’s who of college football’s athletic directors and coaches will be in attendance and the hotel is more than equipped to host interviews in a secure environment.


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Steven Harris is a fifth year senior at the University of Tennessee. Majoring in sports journalism, this blog provides an outlet for Harris to share his thoughts on the state of the University of Tennessee's athletic department''s Volunteer teams. View all posts by Steven Harris

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