Thanks for Sticking With Me

Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for the 50-60 of you a day that have consistently checked back for updates. I am in school and this semester was particularly tough as I had to focus in on academics in order to set myself up for my major. I have officially switched over to Sports Journalism!

What a crazy years its been as the Vol’s lost Lane Kiffin almost 11 months ago. The Vols faithful were angered and questioning the leadership of the Athletic Department. Dooley was hired though and through his leadership and hard work we are headed to a bowl game.

In the coming weeks I plan on catching all of you up on the state of things in the Athletic Department from what I see, recruiting update on the current commitments and who is being targeted, and gear up for basketball coverage!

But before I begin on my first post I just wanted to say thanks and Its Great to be A Tennessee Vol!


About Steven Harris

Steven Harris is a fifth year senior at the University of Tennessee. Majoring in sports journalism, this blog provides an outlet for Harris to share his thoughts on the state of the University of Tennessee's athletic department''s Volunteer teams. View all posts by Steven Harris

One response to “Thanks for Sticking With Me

  • Woody Keller

    I enjoyed your article. You must be careful as your sentences “run on” at the beginning of your piece. I have found that by reading my work out loud (not just mumbling) after I am done, I usually can edit my work and shorten my sentences. Please do not take this as a criticism of your work. It is a suggestion. Although I am a banker and restaurant owner, writing has been my hobby for 40 years. I started in college at UT as you have and am a member of the Screen Writers Guild. I will be recieving an award in Atlantic City on Dec. 9. Good luck. You only get better by writing every day. Woody

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