Neyland Stadium Renovation Pictures

It’s been a while since I have posted on this site and I apologize for not putting up any notification on here that it would be so long. I decided to take several weeks off in order to relax before the season and it’s not Football Time in Tennessee so the blogs will be rolling strong for the next several months through the end of March Madness  because we also will be covering the basketball Vols. This post includes photos of the Neyland Stadium renovations from July 30, 2010. I have been on a cruise this past week and will take newer updated photos on Monday when I return to campus. But for now enjoy these as well as pictures from various other on campus projects.

The amphitheater at Alumni Memorial Building.

Grand Entrance Way at Gate 21.

Brick Columns along with Fencing, and drainage/design courtyard work.

Brick Archway on Grand Entrance Way.

Grand Entrance Way Brick Work.

Tennessee Terrace on West Upper Deck of Neyland Stadium

More Tennessee Terrace split into 3 tiers with Club Seating above that (covered to protect from weather elements).

Brick work outside Gate 14 on sidewalk

Gate 14  Entrance Way

Johnny Majors, Peyton Manning, and Doug Atkins finally complete with their black bases.

Another up close photo of the pictures

Underbelly of Tennessee Terrace

Tennessee Terrace all glassed in

Work continues where the former switch back ramps once stood under the press box. Hiding of the utilities will improve the look of this area

General Neyland’s Statue base where he will be revealed on home-coming week

Reggie White, General Neyland, and Al Wilson adorn the Northern part of the West Side as construction continues

The Grand Entrance way from the side.

More Side Walk brick work being done down next to the entrance to the new Vol shop store inside the Stadium.

Fencing painted black. Does anyone know what those X structural things are for?

Construction continues at an Overtime pace to finish on time. All pictures above here were taken by me. And I will get updated ones on Monday. Here are a few pictures of other campus projects for the Athletic department taken a few days before these stadium pictures were.

Batting Cage at Lindsey Nelson Stadium

Football Complex foundation

Football Complex foundation

Football Complex Foundation

and Final Football Complex foundation.

Thompson Boling arena construction around Ticket office/Coaches offices

More Thompson Boling Arena constuction at Coaches offices.

Thats all for now. Fall Camp update and Defensive Position Previews will start hopefully this afternoon.


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Steven Harris is a fifth year senior at the University of Tennessee. Majoring in sports journalism, this blog provides an outlet for Harris to share his thoughts on the state of the University of Tennessee's athletic department''s Volunteer teams. View all posts by Steven Harris

7 responses to “Neyland Stadium Renovation Pictures

  • Terry Roberts

    Thanks for the pics. Can you find out what the X structure is, cause I don’t know either. I’m a season ticket holder. Been going for 30 plus yrs. Missed only 1 game. I love that you put me on your list to talk back an forth. Go Vols!!

    • orangevol

      I will definitely continue to figure out what the X thing is for. Can’t wait for the season to start in 27 days!

      • Jonathan

        The [X]’s looks to me to be just structural bracing for the iron and brickwork.

      • FO.CO. VOL FAN

        The X structure is called lateral bracing. It just helps keep the vertical columns from moving back and forth. I’m guessing they will have an aesthetically pleasing way to cover them up when all is said and done.

    • Shannon

      The X-bracing is there to brace the vertically loaded columns. Columns buckle under load without some sort of bracing in the vertical plane. The X-bracing also transmits lateral (wind, seismic) and vertical (dead, live) loads down to the baseplate and foundation. All of these brick and pre-cast concrete additions have added a lot and I mean A LOT of weight to the structure.

      The X-bracing is already painted black and it looks very sharp meshed in with the brick. See Colorado Rockies stadium.

  • William

    You’re slipping Stevie, nothing on how things turned out with Brice Brown, or Nick L. or news about injuries to some key defensive players.
    Just giving you a hard time, great pics looking forward to more, as far as I know only going to Oregon this year and looking forward to it.

  • lawvol

    Very cool shots. As always, thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see the final product!

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