Neyland Stadium Renovations

New pictures are after the jump but for an introduction here is an old picture of Neyland Stadium one of the greatest sites in college football.

The West side of the stadium is by far the most used including the gate 21 plaza in the bottom left corner above. Construction started last year with this…

This is what it use to look like. Find out what it looks like now. Here are some pictures of the renovations taken by me on Saturday July 3rd from completely outside the construction zone.

Gate 14 Entrance

Gate 14 Entrance

Designed Brick work above Gate 14

The glassed Tennessee Terrace

Unfinished brick work that still needs to be done

The underside of the Terrace….will they be bricked or concrete encased?

The arches and Nice designed pattern above the arches

Nice Arches underneath the Terrace

They are also doing the inner arches as well which is a nice above and beyond touch

Another shot of the archway with inner arches and upper hallway of bottom deck over look

The glass encased Terrace level

Still work to be done though

More nice brickwork and areas still to be finished

The brick columns built to hide the switchback ramps

More brick columns, this is the top half

Grand Entrance Way construction and bricking

More bricking to be done, glad to see workers at work on a Saturday hurrying to finish the job before the season though

Designed brick pattern on side of grand entrance way

Customer Service Both underneath the switchbacks built into the concrete base of the columns

Front side of the grand entrance way with ticket booth built into the structure

More ticket booth with weather over hang

Brickwork on front side of Grand Entrance Way

Nice concrete sidewalks with brick areas too.

More Brick Work

Any Ideas on what the holes could be for?

One side almost done

Stair case outside Alumni Memorial where amphitheater will be

Central Amphitheater stairway

A look back at the plaza where drainage work is taking place also

Amphitheater and unknown Tower thought to be a lighthouse type structure

Any thoughts?

A look back at the Plaza

More column work

I wish they would have continued the columns on around to blend it in with Alumni from this angle and hide all the white painted steel

The Tennessee Terrace and upper deck concourse

The Press Box

The Grand Entrance Plaza from The UC Plaza

The Gate 21 Grand Entrance

The Amphitheater

The Entrance way from AMB

Base of Entrance still needs work probably concrete sidewalk

Designed Brick on side of Grand Entrance structure

Top of Entrance

Columns and Team entrance through last arch on Grand Entrance Structure

Team Entrance from Vol Walk into Locker Room area and for former players to access the lounge

Back side of the Grand Entrance Structure

Now for some other pictures of areas around campus that could be used or affect your travel to and from the stadium this fall…

A park built on corner of Claxton Education Building @ Andy Holt and Volunteer above staff lot 9

A clock added to the Top of Ayres Hall

Min Kao Engineering Building has closed Middle Drive around the backside of the Hill

This is a Massive structure

Unfortunately though this well traveled passage will not be in use this fall.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the Pictures. Read some of my posts and visit again!


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Steven Harris is a fifth year senior at the University of Tennessee. Majoring in sports journalism, this blog provides an outlet for Harris to share his thoughts on the state of the University of Tennessee's athletic department''s Volunteer teams. View all posts by Steven Harris

20 responses to “Neyland Stadium Renovations

  • E

    I think the structure in front of the amphitheater is going to be a statue of Gen. Neyland.

    • orangevol

      Actually Evan the statue won’t be in place till homecomming weekend and it will be underneath the Terrace where Peyton Manning Pass intersects Phillip Fulmer Way….I thought it was going to be that too but that’s what I have been told by a S.I.D. at UT

  • Nicole

    These photos are AWESOME. I’m so glad you went down there and then brought them back to post. It makes it nice for fans like me who don’t live in TN anymore to keep up with the beloved Vols.

    I would love to know what they are putting in that tower thing at the front of the amphitheater. I think it would be awesome if they put a flame that doesn’t go out, like the Torchbearer. Or, if they put a giant Power T – that would be awesome.

    The bricking is looking AMAZING. I knew it would make the stadium look so good once they started working on it. Thanks again for the pix. Great post!

  • Brittany Duncan

    Hey! These pictures are great! I really enjoyed getting to see all the renovations from your standpoint (and great commentary as well). If you get any leads on what the tower thing there is at the ampitheater…let us know…I’m intrigued! I can’t wait for the ampitheater to get done there in front of AMB…that will be a nice little addition come game time…or a nice break from walking up the hill (not that I have to go that way anymore but for those less fortunate than me who still have to walk “the hill!”) HA! Anyways, great post buddy! Keep it up!

  • Chuck

    Thanks for these pictures and your commentary. As a previous comment said, for those not in Knoxville it is difficult to keep up with the renovation. I’ve been puzzled as to why UTAD does not provide more frequent updates on their site.

    In fairness to UTAD, the renovation is top-notch. As your pictures point out, the architecture and attention to detail is very impressive. Going forward, I hope the renovations continue soon in the South and East sides of the stadium. UTAD’s comments so far indicate a pause in the renovation project after this phase is complete. I hope the pause is brief; I’m anxious to see the view of a renovated South end from the river.

    Thanks again for your great effort. Looking forward to seeing more.

    • orangevol

      Thanks for the compliments and nice words. I hope you will continue to stop by and get your Vols news or at least a second opinion on things.

      You are correct there will be a pause in stadium construction. For the past two off-seasons Phillip Fulmer Way has been closed for construction purposes and it has really effected campus travel. After the current project is complete their will be a break for two academic years to allow students to use the area and all the athletics department to real in the capital for the rest of the projects that has been promised but not given.

      However construction will be going on at Thompson Boling and at the Football complex during these breaks.

      • Chuck

        Just curious – what construction will there be at Thompson-Boling?

      • orangevol

        They have moved the basketball coaches offices over to the top floor of the Brenda Lawson Athletic Center (diagonally across Lake Loudon Blvd from TBA) so that the coaches offices could be renovated and either this year or next year the Locker Room’s as well. I have heard rumor that the bottom of it could get bricked but idk if that is true.

        Although it is not listed here on this link it is happening…
        this is a link to the donation page however on the left hand side you can see facility improvements or upgrades and look at sketches and read about the projects

  • Wes

    Great pictures. I really like design above the arches. And I can’t believe they finally finished that green area next to Claxton. It seems like that one took way too long.

    • Chuck

      Sure wish they would brick and glass all of TBA to match Pratt Pavillion. I’m sure that’s costly, but as with what’s happening with Neyland now, the building would fit better with the rest of campus.

      Thanks for the link to facilities page. I keep an eye on that, but as you say, had not seen anything about TBA lately.

      • orangevol

        Yeah I don’t know what it is not on there. As a member of every year John Brice does a 2 part sit down interview with Mike Hamilton and I heard him talk about it there. And yes I agree Thompson would look a lot better but I think it would be hard to do since there is the lip in the middle of the building. Who Knows though?

  • Christopher Gabriel

    As a Vols fan in Fargo, ND, it’s great to see these pictures! The exterior renovation is years overdue. Once it’s all completed in a few years, after the two-year break, it’ll be quite a site. As one who’s seen games in 61 different D-1 stadiums, and objectively speaking, there are few in the class of Neyland for overall sightlines, noise and ambiance. The ones that come to mind: Ohio Stadium (Ohio State), Memorial Stadium (Clemson), Husky Stadium (Washington), Autzen Stadium (Oregon).

    I continue to wonder though: If our capacity drops below 100,000, what’s the reaction going to be? While I’ve never been a fan of the “we’re bigger than you” mentality, Alabama and Florida are on course to pass us. Same with Georgia if they decide to build up their end zone that only has a lower deck. If UT were to get passed, what would the folks in the UTAD do down the road? Add a third deck in the north end zone, similar to what they did on one sideline at Oklahoma and Georgia? It’s always been a recruiting tool… “…and you’ll be playing in the largest stadium in the south and one of the top five in the nation…” It ought to be interesting to see what happens, if anything at all.

    • orangevol

      Thanks. I have heard Mike Hamilton say we will never drop under 100,000 while he is in charge at UT and I don’t believe we will. We are 5th in the Country right now behind Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State, and Alabama. Alabama just passed us. There are rumors of adding a few rows to the south end zone deck and raising the jumbo tron that went around a few years ago but I have not heard since. I too think it would be a tragedy if we fall out of the top 5 and think we need to pass Alabama again. Do we renumber the seats like last time? Heck no! What is my suggestion? I think we should take the chair backs out of the North upper deck and put them in bleachers like the rest of us and that will give a lot more seats.

      Please continue to stop by and read up on the Vols here at Orange Vol Blog

  • Christopher Gabriel

    What I’d like to see is UT drop the field, even 10 feet. That would serve several purposes. First, the stands on the east and west sidelines would effectively move closer to the field thereby increasing the noise that much more. Secondly, it would allow us to increase (by probably two or three rows) without going up higher.

    I’ve heard it mentioned that because of water plates (or some term well beyond my topographical knowledge!), they’ve avoided dropping the field. But I have a hard time believing that a mere 10 feet…even 12 or so…would be out of the question.

    And that third deck option at the north end… I truly don’t think something like that is out of the question. It seems crazy, but then again…… look at UGA, OU and Texas A&M for that matter. If demand is there, people will get the seats. Perhaps the first thing we should hope for is the program returning to greatness.

    • orangevol

      Yeah they won’t add many seats if they can’t sell the ones they have. I hope that will be fixed when we start winning again and not continue to be effected by TV’s and Air Conditioning. I would love that idea to lower the field….I want a North End Zone jumbotron so I don’t know how I feel about a north upper deck. And in response to Florida passing us I don’t think it will happen. I was there last fall and I don’t think they have the room to expand. Georgia idk I’ll be there this fall.

  • Brandon

    I think this image will answer your questions about the tower being built and the “holes” in the Gate 21 Plaza columns. It looks like to me they will be filled with the University’s seal. The shape of that certainly fits.

    Also, the supports under the Terrace wont be bricked or concreted. What they are putting up is how they will look in the end, minus some protective plastic. The part where you say the brick is unfinished is actually the way its supposed to be as well. From the image below you can see that they are gonna put some kind of graphics up to break up the wall of brick they’d have otherwise.

    I just wanted to respond to some of the questions you had asked. I’ve done alot of reading on the renovations so I know my fair share. Lol. I also wanna say I love the pictures of Claxton park, the Ayres Hall clock, and the Min Kao building.

    • orangevol

      Thanks for the answers to the question!!! Yeah these definitely are great pictures. where did you find them at ???? And thanks for kind words hope you come back. New posts will be posted soon.

  • SFOrange

    Now, the U should turn its attention to something that would have a major impact on the campus environment—the conversation of the very large surface parking lot directly across from Neyland into a University Green. That space converted into a major public space (think large lawn with arbors on each end) could provide a catalyst for a shift in the central campus midway between Humanities + Circle Park to the foot of the U Center and The Hill.

  • lawvol

    Nice stuff. As the (former) publisher at, I know what it is like to try and get a blog up and running. I’ll be sure and check back by. Nice to see folks taking up the mantle…

  • David Norton

    Dear Vol,
    If you are still taking pictures of the stadium. They should be setting the Lighthouse we made for them today (8-31) or tomorrow (9-1).
    Maybe you could get a few for me.

    This answers your question above…”Any Thoughts?”

    It’s 10 feet tall and weights 2100 lbs.


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