And I was Right!

So I just thought I’d point out that several months ago I was saying that this would happen, and now its official. As of yesterday according to a sports radio station in Kansas City the Big Ten has decided to extend official invitations to the University of Missouri Tigers, the Rutger University Knights, the University of Nebraska Huskers, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Not a surprise either the presidents of Nebraska and Notre Dame have both denied getting these invitations. As we all know Notre Dame has been on the radar now for several years, and if they decide to finally accept the offer then the Big 10 will look for its 16th member. If however they decline, as of right now, the Big 10 plans to stay at 14 schools. Now the other 3 universities each of good incentive to accept as well as decline the invitation. Lets take a look at these four schools.

Notre Dame

Chances are this will never happen. Notre Dame has the means and the money to survive on its own. The athletic director has made it clear that a move would only be made if huge changes to the current football landscape are made. This initial offer does serve purpose however, in that it forces the Big East to potentially demand Notre Dame join them or take all their sports and leave. If this happens Notre Dame would have no option but to join as it is highly unmanageable to be an independent in all other sports. But because the Big 10 has only offered Rutgers it probably will not accept as that conference will not fall apart quite yet until the SEC makes its move and whether or not the ACC will have to counter act that move.

Notre Dame will likely wait and see what happens with the other three offers and could potentially wait for a 15th school before they make their decision. In my opinion Notre Dame is least likely to join the Big 10.


The next major school to be offered would be the University of Nebraska, located in the booming media market of metropolitan Lincoln, NE. Under Bo Pelini the Cornhuskers have returned to prominence in the Big 12 North and are easily the most dominant team in that Division. That being said if they win the Big 12 Championship game they go to a BCS bowl. There is one reason why the move to an expanded Big 10 would not make much sense. Nebraska is also a founding member of the Big 12 and a lot of alumni might not be to thrilled to leave.

However Nebraska is located in Lincoln which is near Omaha. Both are located out of the top 75 media markets. So a move to the Big 10 would mean more exposure in large markets such as Indy, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Columbus. They Big 10 will make a lucrative offer that will be hard for the university to pass on. In my opinion Nebraska should accept the offer but probably will not unless Missouri does and the other Big 12 schools start talking.


University of Missouri fits into the Big 10 perfectly. Geographically, Athletically, Academically, and Media wise its a perfect fit which is why it has been one of the top choices all along for the Big 10. They play in Missouri drawing media attention from the media markets of Kansas City and St Louis. These markets would add an addition 1.3 million dollars to the Big 10 network. They are on the high end of Academic standards for the Big 12 and would fit in well with the Big 10. They can compete in the Big 10 in football and basketball and would be a solid grab.

Missouri would be a fool to pass up on this opportunity and in my opinion they will definitely join the Big 10 if they have any sense what so ever. In fact if you listen closely you can hear the Uhaul backing in now…


The Big East will collapse. It’s inevitable with its 8 football team 16 basketball team format. Rutgers will jump. It is a fine academic institution with great tradition on the field. They have a great up and coming coach and compete in womens basketball every year. Rutgers should have already made the call to accept the offer oh about 24 hours ago.

We all know though that none of this is why the Big 10 is offering Rutgers. They offer Rutgers because of the media market it brings to the table. That media market is of course New York City. And with the money the Big 10 can offer the school they will most definitely accept.

With these options on the board I think that the Big East will not fall apart and will add one more school from 1-AA football to its ranks or a MAC team. I think the Big 12 will crumble instead as you will see in future posts. I think 14 team super conferences will form as Notre Dame will not join the Big 10 but the other three will causing the domino’s to fall. Coming Soon SEC options and more to come


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