Wednesday Rumblings and a Good Suprise

Today’s entry will mostly be just a few tidbits and a story about what I got to do today involving UT athletics. Later this week I plan on starting a series “Introduction to the 2010 Vols” in which I will introduce you to Coach Dooley, the Offensive Coaches, the Defensive Coaches, then position by position updates on who is left, who we brought in, and who I think will start. But for today I leave u with this….

  • Well guys Eric Maclain a TE who has been committed to UT since last April and pursued by UT since the Fulmer days has officially decommitted from the Vols for the 2011 class because of  lack of interest from the coaching staff. He says he has not heard from coach Dooley at all and that they have heard other prospects have. He still remains interested but Dooley and staff will have to recruit him just like the previous staff did. Lets hope this is either a) Dooley did not want him or B) a stupid mistake by new Recruiting Coordinator Terry Joseph that will be  a learning experience and fixed immediately!
  • D1 Sports Training is opening up a new building here in Knoxville. Owned by former Vols Will Bartholomew and Peyton Manning this facility will provide top notch NFL training here in Knoxville. Tim Tebow is training at D1 in Nashville in preparation for the combine.
  • Lane Kiffin is a jerk and needs to move on and keep bringing Tennessee up. If he want’s a new Florida to pick on do it with someone on his own coast, in his own conference. UCLA not good enough for you Lane

Today I was provided with an opportunity that I jumped on. Every year seniors who are graduating get a chance to do something special for one football game and one basketball game. My buddy Wes who is a senior wasn’t feeling well so after a little planning I got to go undercover as Wes and see what this great tradition was all about.

First we got to go  to the Football Complex and go up to the team meeting room and watching video on the new recruits coming in. They then proceeded to show us a video that they show all recruits when they come to Tennessee showing the passion and the history of UT football. We then met with Mikki Allen who played on the National Championship team. Him and Tee Martin are pretty good friends and said Tee is trying to get back here to be a coach as soon as he possibly can. With Tee being at Kentucky I’d say he is definitely getting closer to his goal.

After our meeting in the football complex we quickly moved over to Basketball and took a walk through tour of the Pratt Pavilion complex including the practice locker rooms, courts, video rooms, and the Chris Lofton Recruiting Room.

They gave away football season tickets, shirts, tickets to sit in a suite for tonights UGA game, coke zero gym bags, free Ray Mears Room buffet passes and much more.

Bruce then showed up to give us a pre game pep talk. He talked to the seniors in the room about finding jobs and not to get down and give up. He talked about inspirations in his life and working hard and succeeding. We then had  Q & A and i asked him what he thought of Coach Dooley and working with Pat Summitt? He said Dooley is a great guy who will embrace UT traditions and be here for a long time and be successful. He said Summitt is the hungriest and humblest person he knows and he joked that she has been to 18 finals fours. He has not even been to 18 final fours with or without his team. He also made a joke that he recognized some of us as ones yelling at him on the court “Why are you playing him” so he responded “Because he is all I have left” in reference to the New Years incident. It was quite funny and we all got a good laugh out of it.

After that we got reserved seating and I stayed for the first half and listened to the second as the Vols got a good win over UGA. Brian Williams is back which is good to see as Chism needs rest before Kentucky. We started of sloppy and we need to fix that but it was encouraging to see Bruce trying different line ups to fix that such as putting Bobby in at SG and Melvin at PG at the same time. I think we have yet to see the best from this team and I can only hope that we will not get beat in tourney play before we get that opportunity.

That’s all I got for now. Hope you found this interesting and I know its not much but at least you got to see some pictures of Pratt. I’ll be starting my Introduction to the 2010 Vols later this week.



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