Conference Expansions

Hey guys this is my first post and I promise none of them will be near this long ever again. The majority of this post will be lists and will be easy to get through and the paragraphs will not take up that much so please please read it and don’t tune me out.

Lately there has been talk of the Big 10 (Big 11) wanting to add a 12th team so that they too can join the conference championship format that the Big 12, SEC, and ACC enjoy. Those talks seemed to gain major national attention when it was leaked that they were talking to Big 12 power house Texas. Now in my opinion Texas would be stupid not to listen to the Big 10 to see what they had to offer but they would be equally as stupid to go to the Big 10 and leave the Big 12 because of all the traditions and rivalry games they would lose. Sure they could build new rivalries but they would always play second string to Ohio St and Michigan. No the Longhorns definitely should stay put. But then who would the Big 10 turn to? Notre Dame was obviously the first choice but they have turned them down time and time again (will discuss in a minute). So the Big East is all for the taking as it is a weak football conference of only 8 teams. This being said there has also been rumor of not only going to 12 but maybe pushing it out to 14 or even 16 teams in the conference. Now this may not be shocking to some but the SEC will not allow the Big 10 to out do it and for that matter neither will the Big 12, ACC, or Pac 10, who also is looking at possibly adding two more teams to play championship game format.

This being said here is what I propose College football should do. Take the 6 BCS conferences and turn them into 6 14 team super conferences. Each conference would be divided up into 2 divisions of 7 teams a piece. Each school would play his division teams (6 games) and then 3 other division games. This would allow for 3 non conference games. This is how I would divide them up:

Big 12 would be divided up into a North and South Region. They would lose Missouri to the Big 10 and would gain Arkansas from the SEC as well as pick up Colorado St and TCU from the Mountain West.

Texas Arkansas
Texas A&M Kansas
Texas Tech Kansas St
Texas Christian University Colorado
Baylor Colorado St
Oklahoma Nebraska
Oklahoma St Iowa St

Big 10 would pick up Missouri from the Big 12 and Pitt and Syracuse from the Big East as the Big 10 has for quite sometime wanted to get into the NYC market and Syracuse would allow that to happen. They would be divided into a East and West format.

Missouri Ohio St
Northwestern Michigan
Iowa Michigan St
Minnesota Pittsburgh
Wisconsin Penn State
Illinois Indiana
Purdue Syracuse

ACC would lose FSU and North Carolina St to the SEC and would pick up West Virginia, USF, UCONN, and Rutgers to get the 14 team conference. They would be divided into a North and South format. (Note FSU and NCST to SEC and not Georgia Tech and Clemson because A) we want to expand the conference to new television markets (UGA already in ATL market) and B) we don’t want the conference to be so hard in the East division that we beat the crap out of each other and no one makes it to the National Championship game)

North Carolina Boston College
Duke Rutgers
Wake Forest UCONN
Georgia Tech West Virginia
Clemson Maryland
USF Virginia
Miami Virginia Tech

Pac 10 would not lose any current teams and due to the intense close proximity rivalrys already within the conference (Oregon-O St, Arizona-ASU, USC-UCLA, CAL-Stanford, Washington-WSU) they would pick up BYU and Utah from the Mountain West and then Boise State from the WAC and either Hawaii from WAC or New Mexico from Mountain west. I am going to go with New Mexico cause all around in all sports they are more established than Hawaii. Divided into North and South.

Washington USC
Washington St UCLA
Oregon Cal
Oregon St Stanford
Utah Arizona
BYU Arizona St
Boise St New Mexico

SEC would pick up Florida State and North Carolina State from the ACC and Louisville from the Big East. Each team would have one locked game to play cross divisional each and every season and will be denoted by placement on the table. Florida State will be in the west as geographically it is under Alabama and Auburn and Louisville to will be in the west to replace Arkansas. North Carolina State will hop into the east. Reason for adding NC State is if we add Clemson, Georgia Tech or UNC the east would by far be the most difficult test in college football and all we would do is beat each other up.

Tennessee Alabama
Georgia Auburn
Florida Florida State
Vanderbilt Mississippi State
Kentucky Louisville
South Carolina LSU
NC State Ole Miss

Big East finally we reach the laughable Big East. At this point the only football team that remains is Cincinnati. They will however get Notre Dame to join. There are not alot of top notch schools left out there at the moment after the other 5 conferences raid but there are some up and comers and some consistent do gooders. This conference is a throw together thing because the Big East will not go quitely. It will be divided into a Western and Eastern Division.

Cincinnati Notre Dame
Ohio Army
Akron Navy
Central Michigan Marshall
Western Michigan Temple
Western Kentucky UCF
Bowling Green ECU

Please note that I know this will never happen but if it did this is the Best the Big East could do. It would by far be the easiest conference.

That being said now that we have 6 super conferences the last point I want to touch on would be a 12-Team play off system that would incorportate the 6 conferences champions along with the 6 remaining highest ranked teams be it that they belong to a BCS conference or not. The top four ranked teams (including Conference champions) would get get a first round bye. Here is just an idea Bracket:

#5 Bama #1 UT # 1 UT #1 UT


#6 Oklahoma


#6 Oklahoma #2 Texas #6 Oklahoma
#12 Cincy #12 Cincy #6 Oklahoma #11 Iowa
vs vs
#9 Florida #4 VT #9 Florida #3 Ohio St #3 Ohio St #10 Miami
#8 Nebraska #9 Florida #7 Notre Dame #7 Notre Dame

Also a 16 team format could be considered and everyone play the first round.

Like I said this is by far going to be one of the Longest posts I ever posted and most of that is because of the graphs so that I could get my point across. Hope you enjoyed and please comment so we can discuss this….



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3 responses to “Conference Expansions

  • Brittany Duncan

    Hey Steven. I thin you did a really good job on getting your thoughts across and explaining what you were thinking in a really good way that everyone can understand (even me!) Keep it up! I look forward to reading it!

  • Andrew S

    It would have taken me weeks to come up with what you just posted. I’m going to be surprised if you go on to anything other than a sports career. Pursue the dream.

  • William

    Good post Steven, you seem to have a good idea here. The bigger problem would be getting anybody in the NCAA to accept it, and not have the smaller conferences complain and try to involve the government.

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